Stay Safe, Stay Active Streets

Salt Lake City is expanding its temporary measure to adapt to changing conditions and needs due to COVID-19: opening certain streets for community recreation, such as foot and bicycle traffic, while maintaining access to local motorist traffic. On Friday, May 8, Salt Lake City temporarily opened Stratford Ave from 1300 East to 2000 East and Wasatch Dr from 1300 South to Crestview Dr to pedestrian and bicycle traffic in order to allow space to recreate while also remaining at a safe distance from people. They join 500 North from Redwood Road to 800 West, 900 South from 300 East to 700 East, and 600 East from 900 South to South Temple.  Kensington Ave will be one of the next streets to "open" for pedestrian and cyclist access. This will be in effect  from 700 East all the way to the Wasatch Hollow Preserve. 

This opening of streets follows a weeklong survey in which the City asked residents for feedback on which streets they would like to see used for recreation. The survey received over 6,000 responses, which provided valuable feedback on implementation.

Opening certain streets for community recreation, such as foot and bicycle traffic, will make it easier to maintain six feet of distance from others. Vehicle access on Stratford Ave and Wasatch Dr will be maintained for local traffic. Motorists are asked to drive slowly and with extra caution. Foot and bicycle traffic are asked to be extra cautious around motorists and to respect their right to access homes and businesses by moving to the side of the road when necessary to allow them to pass.


How can I provide my input?

Please email the Community Outreach Team – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Or, call our comment line at 801-535-7711 with any comments or issues you are experiencing on the street.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is local traffic? Will this impact garbage pickup, deliveries or emergency vehicle access?

  • On the streets where this is implemented, local traffic will be allowed to access homes and businesses. This includes service, emergency, delivery vehicles, etc.

Will this impact on-street parking?

  • In a handful of locations, it might. For the most part, local access will be allowed, and that includes access to on-street parking.

How long will this last?

  • This is a temporary measure that will be in place 24/7 only on a select few, clearly marked streets, and only during the time period that the Stay Safe, Stay Home directive is active.

On impacted streets, how should people safely recreate?

  • Continue to follow CDC guidance: do not gather in groups, wear a mask, wash your hands before and after going outside, and stay at least 6 feet away from others.

Who has the right-of-way when using the roadway?

  • Consider the roadway to be shared. All users should respect others, allowing each to use the roadway together. Pedestrians and bicyclists should move to the side of the road when necessary to allow motorists to safely pass on the left. Motorists and bicyclists should drive slowly, passing other roadway users on the left, only when it is safe to do so.