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Our Roots Reach Back 120 Years

The Wasatch Hollow Community has existed in Salt Lake City since the 1920’s.  The first homes in the community were constructed in the early 1900’s and the neighborhood continues to grow.  The community is home to approximately 3500 people, situated in about 1500 homes.  We’re also home to several businesses, many of which have existed since the 1940’s.

Many of our residents have lived in the neighborhood all of their lives.  One of the projects undertaken by the Council The Wasatch Hollow Community Oral History Project seeks to build a sense of community by collecting the memories of former and current residents to capture the history of our area, what it was like in the past, and what growing up and living here was like.   You can hear the stories and view images and documents related to these stories

Our Community

Older residents describe the 1930s neighborhood as a flat wide open space with many vacant lots. Children had very few options in the area for entertainment during this time and would often run down to the “Gulley” more commonly known as now as “The Hollow” or Wasatch Hollow Park. They did not however venture very far inside the park because it was more overgrown and isolated with little supervision. Wasatch Hollow Park has since had many developers attempt to convert the space into additional residential space during the 1980s and 1990s, but the community fought to keep the park preserved. The community eventually won out and the park was formed.Many local businesses have been modernized since then or replaced, like Baxter foods grocery which was replaced by a Safeway. Other businesses are resilient and have been around since the 1940s and are still there. The residents pride themselves on these locally owned businesses and their resiliency creates the character of the neighborhood. One example of this resilience is the emigration marketplace that burned down in the 1980s. Emigration market with support of the community was rebuilt and is still there today.

Today Wasatch hollow Park in the neighborhood has only grown in importance to the community of Wasatch Hollow and is now a great venue for community events and recreation.

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