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Wasatch oral history project

Wasatch Hollow Community Oral History Project

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The Wasatch Hollow Community Oral History Project seeks to build a sense of community by collecting the memories of former and current residents to capture the history of our area, what it was like in the past, and what growing up and living here was like.


The historical natural community was not confined to the present boundaries of the Wasatch Hollow Community Council (1330 E to 1700 S and 1300 E to 1900 S). Therefore, while focused, on the Wasatch Hollow community, this project will necessarily extend into the larger historical natural community.


Interviews with informants will be conducted, recorded, and indexed and/or transcribed by volunteers. Whenever possible, photographs
illustrating the memories of the informant will also be borrowed and copied.


With the written consent of the informant, electronic files of the audio recording, index, transcript, and photos will be deposited with a local archive, library, or educational institution for preservation.

The project will be completed in five parts:

  1. Memories of growing up in the neighborhood, 1920’s – 1960’s
  2. Edgehill Gym Basketball, 1940’s – 1970’s
  3. Formation of the Wasatch Hollow Park, late 1980’s – 1990’s
  4. Wasatch Hollow Community Council history

Share Your Story

As part of our Oral History Project, we’re looking for individual stories of life in the Hollow. If you’re willing to share an oral or written history, recounting the experience of living in Wasatch Hollow, please click here to go to our Share Your Story form.

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