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Diane McMaster McCoun

Diane McMaster McCoun

Diane McMaster McCoun

Diane McMaster McCoun was born in 1929, the eldest child of Clara Watkins and J. Stuart McMaster.  The family moved into 1420 East Kensington Avenue in 1935.  Diane lived there until she married in 1949.  She is the mother of four daughters.  

Audio Interview

Here is an interview with Diane recollecting her years in the neighborhood.  The soundtrack is followed by a summary and index of the interview. 

The interviews and related files are shared with the written consent of the interviewee under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  (Note: Index times are approximate. Variations in browsers and operating systems may cause some timing discrepancies. Please use the audio player controls to fine tune the section you’re interested in.)

Interview 1 (08/07/2015, duration 1:09:13)


Diane has also provided two interviews in which she discusses her mother, noted composer and musician Clara McMaster.  To hear these interviews, please visit the Musicians page in the Community Culture section of the website, or click here to be taken directly to the interviews.

Stuart McMaster Family (image courtesy of Brent McMaster)
Clara and Stuart McMaster


The following documents are in pdf format.  The documents are provided courtesy of Brent McMaster.  The first article “Love of Music” discusses Diane’s parents, Stuart and Clara, and the role music played in their lives.  The second document, “Local Man Retires”, discusses her father’s retirement and provides an overview of his career achievements.

To access the document, click on the title.

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