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Rosemary Schwertz Lindbeck

Rosemary Schwertz Lindbeck

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Rosemary Schwertz Lindbeck

Rosemary Schwertz Lindbeck lived in the Schwertz family home at 1593 South 1600 East from 1937, when she moved in with her parents at the age of three, until 1971, when her mother passed away.  The home has remained in the family for three generations.  She and her late husband, Fredrick L. Lindbeck, are the parents of two children.

Audio Interview

Here’s an interview with Rosemary recollecting her early years in the neighborhood.  The Summary and Index for the interview is available via a link below the interview.

The interview and related files are shared with the written consent of the interviewee under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  (Note: Index times are approximate. Variations in browsers and operating systems may cause some timing discrepancies. Please use the audio player controls to fine tune the section you’re interested in.)

Interview 1 (03/28/2015, duration 1:01:34)


The images below were provided by Rosemary and provide a glimpse back to what the neighborhood looked like in the mid 20th century.  All images were supplied by Rosemary Lindbeck and are used with her consent.

1593 South 1600 East shortly in October 1937. Rosemary and Rose are sitting on the front steps. Note single car garage.
House in 1948 w/Kathy on bike.
House next door (1987 S. 1600 E.) in late 40’s owned by Arthur Liddle and family, then Harry Weirauch family about 1950 for many years.
Rosemary and friend, Connie, in 1952, looking at house south, 1597 S. 1600E. Owned by Harry Bowman and family until early 1960’s then by Charles Anderson family until present.
From backyard of 1593, looking north, w/Rosemary about 1938.
From backyard looking east about 1941. Note very few houses across gully.
Early 1940’s from backyard looking east. Way in background at base of foothills is St.-Mary-of-the-Wasatch School. It was a girl’s boarding/day school from kindergarten through college run by the {Catholic) Holy Cross Sisters
From backyard looking east about 1946-47
From backyard looking east about 1948. Note more homes which started showing up after WWII.
Gully | Note hills in gully. Story was told, and I don’t know how well authenticated, that those hills were part of the first dam (of Emigration Creek} built by the pioneers in Salt Lake Valley.
From backyard looking southeast showing Baxter Grocery Store on corner of 17th East and 17th South. Note people in gully.
Building of Wasatch Presbyterian | Building of Wasatch Presbyterian Church also shows fill put in behind for parking lot.
Gully | Looking kind of northeast into gully w/Schwertz dog, Mac.
Leveling ground | Leveling ground behind 1587 about 1948. See Vander Ende’s house and chicken coops as well as basketball standard that John talked about.
Van’s house, coops, etc.
Invitation to ‘Circus’ which reads:’The Circus Fri. Apr. 9-5:00 PM. Admission 3 cents for Infantile Paralysis.’ (1940} A little girl who lived just east of 16th East on Emerson Avenue had polio, so we children had a fundraiser at 1583 South 16th East at the home of the Dee Anderson Family. (Yes, he was the Dee of Dee’s Hamburgers and Family restaurants in later years. In the early days it was hamburger joints on Main Street, Regent Street and University Street in SLC).
Circus Photo: (front} Colleen Gowans, Wes Anderson,?, Rosemary Schwertz, Marjorie Liddle; (middle} Greg Anderson, ?; (back} RalphBowman, ?, Lohree Anderson, ?
Weenie roast behind 1583 looking south to fence at 1593. Can’t identify most people. Early 1940’s.
Halloween|Halloween (front) Greg Anderson, Rosemary Schwertz; (middle) Wes Anderson; (back} Lohree Anderson, Margie Liddle, Colleen Gowans.
Neighbor girls about 1947. Sherrie Anderson, Kathy Schwertz, Kathy Perry, Sharon Liddle
Looking south on 16th East about 1948 w/Kathy Schwertz.
Looking south from 1593 about 1948.
Looking north from 1593 about 1948 w/ Kathy Schwertz.
Looking north from 1593 in 1948 w/Rosemary Schwertz.
Looking north from 1593 in 1950-51 w/ Mae Cook and Barbara Ayres.
Looking southeast at building of Wasatch Presbyterian Church w/grocery store on corner in spring 1949.
Looking southeast at building of Wasatch Presbyterian Church w/grocery store on corner in spring 1949.
Looking west from 1593 driveway 1948-49
Looking west from 1593 driveway 1948-49. Note houses built after WWII in previously empty field. Signs were posted: one house for sale @$8000 the other @$8500. Built by Dan Morrison of “Morrison Meat Pies”.
Backyard of 1593 in 1948 or 49
Looking east from backyard.
Looking west at empty field on 16th and Bryan Avenue about 1938 w/Rosemary Schwertz.
In front of 1593 looking at 1583 (Dee Anderson home) and 1587 (Arthur Liddle home) in 1941. Note trees recently planted in parking area w/ Rosemary Schwertz, ?, Lohree Anderson,?
In front, looking west to empty field.
Looking northwest about 1942 w/Rosemary. Note gravel street and no curb and gutter.
Looking north about 1938-no trees in parking areas yet.

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