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Hunter and Richard Hale

Hunter and Richard Hale

Hunter and Richard Hale

Hunter Hale and his younger brother Richard lived in our neighborhood from 1946 to 1947. They resided first at 1643 Kensington Avenue then moved into a new house on 1900 East near today’s Hillside Stake Center. After leaving the area, they continued to return to The Gully to film 16 mm movies from 1949-1952. 

Audio Interview

Here is an interview with Hunter and Richard recollecting their years in the neighborhood. The soundtrack is followed by a summary and index of the interview.

The interviews and related files are shared with the written consent of the interviewee under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (Note: Index times are approximate. Variations in browsers and operating systems may cause some timing discrepancies. Please use the audio player controls to fine tune the section you’re interested in.)

Interview 1 (10/08/2015, duration 38:08)


Here is a link to “Adventures of Trixie“.  This is the first of four 8 mm movies shot in The Gully by Hunter and Richard.  The production date is 1949.  Enjoy glimpses of The Gully in its pristine state!  (Link provided by Richard.  Duration ca. 5 minutes)

Alternatively, you can watch the video on this page using the embedded player below. (Please give the file a few seconds to start playing)

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