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Richard N. Cannon

Richard N. Cannon

Richard N. Cannon

Richard N. Cannon lived at 1647 Kensington from his birth in 1938 until 1965 when he married and moved away.  His original home remains in the family and was the location for this interview.

Audio Interview

Here is an interview with Richard recollecting his years in the neighborhood.  The soundtrack is followed by a summary and index of the interview.  The sections below contain documents and photos from Richard.

The interviews and related files are shared with the written consent of the interviewee under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.  (Note: Index times are approximate. Variations in browsers and operating systems may cause some timing discrepancies. Please use the audio player controls to fine tune the section you’re interested in.)

Interview 1 (04/29/2015, duration 54:37)


Here is a collection of images provided by Richard.  Click on a thumbnail to expand an image.  Once the image is expanded you can scroll through the collection by clicking on either side of the image.

John B Cannon and Zina Bennion Cannon Family (1918)
Anne and Richard N. Cannon (ca. 1940)
Home of John B. and Zina Bennion Cannon (1943 or 44) | House was on 7th East just where the freeway now exists.
John B and Zina Bennion Cannon family (1943 or 44)
Uintah Girls | (L to R) Anne Cook, Frances Bradshaw, Margie White, Ruth Stevenson
Wasatch Ward Boys | First row (L to R): Ronnie Dupaix, Robert Robison, Leon Bartholomew, Tom Flandro, Phil Garn, Dick Parker. Second row: Bill Matthews, Mike Turpin, Jerry Bradford, unknown, Ross Johnson, Gary Horton, Rick Cannon. Third Row: Eula Likes (Mrs. Clair Likes), Alice Cannon. We were at least 8 years old. Ronnie Dupaix was not adopted until we were 8.
Friends | First row (L to R): Dick Parker, Robert Olsen, myself (Richard N. Cannon), Ronnie Dupaix, Phil Garn. Back: Mom (Alice N. Cannon), Joseph N. Cannon.
Graduation Picture from Primary (May 1950) | First row (L to R): Jean Powellson, Colleen Coleman, Phil Garn, Leon Bartholomew, Mary Armstrong, Dorothy Hawkins, Joan Powellson, Sherrie Whitesides. Second row: Mike Turpin, Jack Schoenhalls, Ronnie Dupaix, Robert Robison, Kenny Madsen, Ross Johnson, Richard Cannon, Bob Olson, Jerry Bradford.
East High Reunion | (L to R) Phil Garn, Sherrie Whitesides, Ross Johnson, Richard Cannon.
Scout campout | Camp Steiner-age 16 (ca. 1954)
Wooten’s Swimming Pool | In the Gully (mid-1950s)
Wooten’s Swimming Pool | In the Gully (mid-1950s)
Richard N. Cannon – Track (1956)
Seminary graduation (1956) | Richard N. Cannon in top row, far right
Elder’s Quorum Party | Colonial Hills II Ward (September 1966)


Here is a collection of documents provided by Richard.  These are in pdf format and will open in a new window when you click on the name of the document.


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